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Frances Branstetter
105 Hammons Dr.
Stockton, MO 65785
County: Cedar
business: 417-276-5181
fax: 417-276-5187
Email: fbranstetter@black-walnuts.com
Website: www.black-walnuts.com

About Us

Our Story in a Nutshell:

Ralph, Dwain and Brian are the three generations of Hammons entrepreneurial leaders whose company has kept the world supplied with Black Walnuts for many years.

The year was 1946. Ralph Hammons couldn't keep enough black walnuts on his grocery store shelves in the little town of Stockton, Missouri. Seeing the future potential of this local crop, Ralph bought a cracking machine and began buying wild nuts from the hard-working Ozarks people who gathered them each fall. Since then the company has survived short crops, fad diets and a destructive tornado to become the world's leading supplier of American Black Walnuts.

Hammons Products Company still buys its nuts from the wild in this nostalgic tradition. Across 16 states thousands of people in our family of nut lovers have worked together to make the American Black Walnut an integral piece of Midwest culture.

Product Description

Hammons Products Company is the world's premier processor and supplier of American Black Walnuts! Wild, hand-harvested Black Walnuts stand alone in the nut world as a flavorful, nutritional ingredient to some of your favorite baked goods, dishes and ice cream. Black Walnuts can be found in the produce or baking aisles of retail grocers and specialty stores, under Hammons or other brand packages.

Ground American Black Walnut Shell is a hard, chemically inert, nontoxic and biodegradable abrasive. It makes up a large percentage of the nut and is a very useful product with a wide range of applications. Our nutshell and nutshell abrasive products are sold directly to our customers and through distributors.


Visit our website at www.black-walnuts.com to enjoy shopping 24/7 and to print that new favorite black walnut recipe from our online cookbook. You can also order our products by phone, by calling our toll-free number 1-800-872-6879.

Visit our retail store at:

Hammons Emporium

2 Public Square

Stockton, MO 65785

Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday Closed


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