Harvick Farms


Lainey Harvick
16062 State Highway 76
Cassville, MO 65625
County: Barry
business: 817-933-3314
Email: info@harvickfarms.com
Website: http://www.harvickfarms.com/

About Us

Harvick Farms, located in Cassville, Missouri, is a multifaceted enterprise that seamlessly combines Lainey's expertise as a nurse with her passion for gardening and homesteading. As a retail garden nursery, Harvick Farms offers a diverse selection of high-quality plants and gardening supplies to the local community. What sets them apart is their unique U-Pick operation, allowing customers to hand-select their produce, fostering a deeper connection to the land. In addition to providing top-notch gardening products, Harvick Farms is committed to education. Lainey conducts informative gardening classes, sharing her extensive knowledge with enthusiasts looking to nurture their green thumbs. To further connect with the gardening community and promote sustainable living, Harvick Farms connects with people through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where they share valuable insights, tips, and updates related to food production and gardening.

Product Description

At Harvick Farms, we offer a delightful array of products to elevate your gardening and homesteading experience. Our diverse plant selection boasts vibrant flowers, aromatic herbs, and robust vegetables, meticulously nurtured to thrive in your garden. Explore our value-added treasures, including exquisite honey and artisanal jams crafted from the freshest, sun-kissed fruits. For those craving the freshest produce, we have an abundant bounty of farm-fresh vegetables ripe for the picking. Each product is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring your home and garden flourish with the finest nature has to offer.


Discover Harvick Farms in Cassville, Missouri. Our retail location offers a diverse range of plants, gardening supplies, and delightful value-added products like honey and artisanal jams. Find us at 16062 State Highway 76, Cassville, MO 65624. Can't visit in person? Shop online at [www.harvickfarms.com]. Browse and purchase our products from home, and we'll deliver your gardening essentials to your doorstep. We're dedicated to making gardening convenient, both in-store and online.


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