Tender N Tasty Beef, LLC


George L. Luebbering
1884 Co. Road 521
Koeltztown, MO 65048
County: Osage
business: 573-694-5286
Email: tenderntasty@gmail.com
Website: http://midmobeef.com

About Us

George & Shirley Luebbering, Luebbering Shorthorns, started Tender N Tasty Beef, LLC 3+ years ago as a way to market our premium Shorthorn beef and Berkshire pork directly to the consumer. Our farm is located in Osage County and George is a 6th generation Osage County farmer. The Shorthorn breed was chosen because of its quality genetic markers for tenderness and marbling. We sell our products to local people, Columbia & Jefferson City farmer's markets, local restaurants and are working on expanding our market. We have a state inspected kitchen and farm kill/state approved meat processing plant on our farm. At this point, our meat is processed at local state and/or USDA processing plants. We also sell free-range eggs.

Product Description

Corn, soybeans, wheat: Corn (fed to hogs/cattle) corn/wheat silage is fed to cattle. Individually packaged beef and pork cuts; lean ground beef, 1 lb. sealed packs and 5 lb. tubes. 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef and whole hogs for custom processing. Meat sold based on hanging weight, price includes processing and free local delivery. Deposits required on custom orders. Our chickens are cage free & range free. Berkshire Pork is raised in the "open air". Cattle are raised on grass and finished on grain for superior taste. Steers processed between 15-18 months of age. All hanging meat aged for a minimum of 14 days. 3 varieties of individually package beef sticks: Regular, smoked BBQ and cheddar/jalapeno. 2 varieties of beef summer sausage.


Columbia Farmer's Market (ARC) - Summer hours 8-12 every Saturday (April/October). Winter market is from Nov-March 31 from 9-12 noon on Saturdays. Jefferson City Farmer's Market (Capital Mall) - Saturdays starting in mid-May until the end of October from 2-4 pm Meat can be ordered directly from us by email: tenderntasty@gamil.com or by calling or texting order to 573-694-5286. We have a list of products on our website midmobeef.com. We offer free local delivery and order may be picked up at the farmer's market in Columbia and Jefferson City. You are welcome to come to our farm store to shop, just call before you come to make sure we're available.


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