The Reuterdudes


Jon & Jay Reuterdahl
25343 St. Hwy 156
La Plata, MO 63549
County: Macon
business: 573-881-4520

About Us

The Reuterdudes are owned & operated by Jon (age 11) & Jay (age 9) Reuterdahl of rural La Plata, MO which began in 2019 with the sales of "Aunt Melinda's Bar-B-Que Sauce". We were lovingly referred as the Reuterdudes by our Aunt Mona several years ago and the name has just stuck with us. We began providing our product as Christmas gifts to friends and family. The Reuterdudes kicked off our 1st official sales at the Show-Me Wares at the Macon County Fair. Since July 2020 our product continues to be sold at local Farmers Markets and to family, friends and return customers. Our parents and family continue to be our biggest supporters providing marketing and growth advice but most off all they chauffeur us around.

Product Description

Aunt Melinda's Bar-B-Que Sauce is a secret family recipe crafted for over 30 years. The Reuterdudes work hard to provide a high quality, consistently sweet, bar-b-que sauce for everyone to enjoy. Our product is sold in locally sourced jars so our customers can consume every drop. "We put it on everything! Well..... except cereal." ~ Jon & Jay


We live in rural La Plata and we can't drive but our parents and grandma help us out. We sell from home, out of our car (parent's car) and hey we could ask Uncle Jonathan he lives in Southwest MO, he may have some. Local Farmers Market ~La Plata (after our June baseball season) Give us a call and we will take care of you! Jason (Dad) 573-881-4520 Myrna (Grandma) 660-341-9804 Jessy (Mom) 660-341-9265 Jon & Jay 660-342-8187 (we don't have voicemail and we typically don't answer calls we don't know)


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