Edelbrand Pure Distilling


Lynn DeLean-Weber
13728 Shawnee Valley Road
Marthasville, MO 63357
County: Warren
business: 314-401-4498
Email: ldweber@edelbrandpuredistilling.com
Website: https://www.edelbrandpuredistilling.com

About Us

Edelbrand Pure Distilling is a family-owned/run, small-batch distillery located an hour west of St. Louis just outside of Marthasville, Missouri. Surrounded by rolling hills and farm-rich land, Schoenweid Farm is home of the DeLean-Weber family.

Small copper pot stills, single-batch runs, handcrafted from start to finish, limited production – these terms define what Edelbrand does, drawing upon the very traditions of our Swiss-Romanisch heritage and the distilling methods still in use in the mountain villages of Switzerland today. The result is an exceptional spirit that holds a hint of Switzerland in each bottle.

Product Description

Edelbrand Pure Distilling spirits are unaged brandies and bierbrands. Our unaged brandies are dry, 100% fruit and contain no added sweeteners, oils or essences to influence aroma or flavor. We start with fresh fruit picked at peak of flavor and use long fermentations and slow distilling runs to give you the best expression of each fruit. We have six products, two of which are made from fruit grown here in Missouri - our vinars da meila - apple brandy infused with plum and our vinars da vin - grape brandy infused with dill. We also have pear, cherry, plum and apricot brandies. All are award winning spirits on the national stage and three are recognized in international competitions for their quality. Traditionally, these spirits are sipped after dinner is finished, when time slows for relaxed conversation. Edelbrand vinars pairs well with cheeses, nuts, artisanal meats, fresh fruit, sorbets, desserts, and chocolate…the darker the better. Our spirits are increasingly being used in handcrafted cocktails and splashed on top of Prosecco for a delightful aperitif.

Our newest spirits are unaged bierbrands. Partnering with Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in St. Louis, we have taken three of their very distinctive beers and distilled them slowly and carefully. The result? Spirits that have all the aroma and flavor characteristics of the beer without any hint of bitterness. These delightful spirits beg to be explored. Sipped neat or in cocktails, they will take you on a journey that keeps unfolding with each sip you take.


Our website has the most current listing of retail shops, bars, and restaurants. We are also members of the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild and participate in the Missouri Spirits Expedition. If you are seeking the stamp for Edelbrand Pure Distilling, visit our website for where to sample our spirits, and THANK YOU for supporting small businesses like ours.


Missouri Grown is a program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.