Cowboy Chris' BBQ Sauce


Chris Theerman
28842 Hwy. AA
Wright City, MO 63390
County: Warren
business: 636-359-2277

About Us

At the strong suggestion of a friend from New York City, I started a business making & selling my own barbeque sauce. I started small, making the sauce myself, & selling it at local events. Soon, it grew to the point that I had to make it a legitimate business, register with the proper agencies, & get an FDA approved bottler. Then, I started selling my sauce to some grocery stores. Now...

Cowboy Chris' BBQ is a family owned business that currently does business with specialty stores, gourmet shops, independent local grocery stores, small to medium sized independent local grocery chains, and with individuals. Our goal is to compete with the premium and gourmet barbeque sauces, not the cheaper ones. You will be getting a terrific product at a fair price. Cowboy Chris' BBQ is a young company that is looking to grow, and we're not afraid of working hard for that growth. We're fast and flexible. We'll give you the fast, friendly, and individualized service that you deserve. We can be found sampling our products at various county fairs, street fairs, festivals, rodeos, and craft shows in the counties surrounding St. Louis & Columbia.

Product Description

Cowboy Chris' Original Hot BBQ sauce is a zesty, thick and chunky barbecue sauce, with a bite. When you take a bite, it starts off with a sweet flavor, then within 3-5 seconds, spreads across your palate like a Texas wildfire, dissipating quickly, making for a pleasant afterglow. My Original Hot BBQ sauce goes great on beef, pork, chicken and wild game. It's even been used on lobster & as a cocktail sauce for shrimp. Some folks have used it as a salsa and as a dip.

Cowboys Chris' Mild BBQ Sauce is a thick, chunky, sweet and tangy Kansas City style barbeque sauce. It has a pleasant, flavorful mix of sweetness and tartness, with just wisp of smokiness. This sauce is perfect for those of you with a tame palate. My Mild BBQ Sauce is delicious on pork, poultry, and ribs, if you like them sweet 'n' smoky.

Cowboy Chris' Buffalo Wing Sauce has an explosion of rich, creamy, buttery, tangy, garlic flavor with a small amount of heat up front. Then it kicks like a Missouri mule, after about 10 seconds or so, with the after bite. This sauce is not for the faint of heart. My Buffalo Wing Sauce is, naturally, tasty on chicken wings, but it's great on deep fried or baked chicken tenders as well. I've been told that it's a terrific sauce to put on fish, as well. Cowboy Chris' Buffalo Wing Sauce also makes for a bold tasting 'hot sauce'. This buffalo wing sauce is made with real, whole butter, not whey or butter flavoring. This is where its smooth, mouth-watering flavor comes from.

Cowboy Chris' Barbeque Seasoning 5 (the reddish jar) is the most versatile of the barbeque rubs. This rub is a sweet & salty contrast that virtually bursts with flavor. The 5 barbeque seasoning is a balanced mix of fresh, top quality spices to ensure a wonderful flavor. This rub is terrific on pork, just about any red meat, including wild game. It's also great on popcorn, baked potatoes, French fries, and salad.


St. Louis Flame & Hearth - Baldwin, Mo.

Patricia's Foods - Columbia, Mo.

C&R Supermarket - California, Mo.

Moser's - Fulton, Mo.

Western's Smokehouse & Meat Market - Greentop, Mo.

Riverport Market - Glasgow, Mo.

Missouri Mercantile (St. Louis Mills Mall) - Hazelwood, Mo.

Moser's - Holts Summit, Mo.

Moser's - Jefferson City, Mo.

Schnuck's - Jefferson City, Mo.

Missouri Valley Mercantile - Jefferson City, Mo.

Gasper's Truck Plaza - Kingdom City, Mo.

Hickman's IGA - Paris, Mo.

Figuero's International Gourmet Foods - St. Charles, Mo.

Fronteir IGA - St. Charles, Mo.

Country Fresh Marketplace - St. Clair, Mo.

The Show Me Shop - Ste. Genevieve, Mo.

Wine & More - Sedalia, Mo.

The Pool Guys - Troy, Mo.

Moser's - Warrenton, Mo.

Williams Brother's Meats - Washington, Mo.


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