Wood Hat Spirits


Gary Hinegardner
489 Booneslick Rd
New Florence, MO 63363
business: 573-835-1000
toll-free: 573-216-3572
fax: 573-219-0696
Email: gary@woodhatspirits.com
Website: http://www.woodhatspirits.com/

About Us

Wood Hat Spirits' unique wood-fired still had its debut run in July 2013 and was imagined by Gary Hinegardner, retired agronomist and businessman. He spent several years exploring the distilling craft before embarking on this grand adventure.

He has also been a wood turner for over 40 years, hence the name Wood Hat Spirits. He turns wood hats which are on display in the tasting room along with the sumptuous and award winning bourbons, corn whiskeys and cordials you will be invited to taste.

Product Description

Aged and Unaged Corn Whiskeys: Blue Corn and All American Red, White & Blue Corn

Bourbons: Bourbon Rubenesque (made from blue corn and wheat); Montgomery County Bourbon (made from yellow corn and wheat); Brew Barrel Bourbon (Our Bourbon Rubenesque finished in our used bourbon barrels that were loaned to local micro-breweries); Double Wood Bourbon (Bourbon Rubenesque finished in a barrel made of pecan wood)

Cordials/Liqueurs: Black Walnut Liqueur; Berry Berry Cordial; Persimmon Cordial

All products are made from locally grown grains.


Wood Hat Spirits is open to the public for tastings and tours of the distillery.

Sunday 1 - 5 pm

Monday 10 am - 5 pm

Thursday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Open until 6 pm for the months of June - August.

All spirits are for sale at the distillery and can be purchased at numerous groceries, liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout the state.


Missouri Grown is a program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.