The Berry Nutty Farm / Granola Jones


Andrea Schnetzler
201 North Forest Ave, Suite 130
Independence, MO 64050
County: Jackson
business: 662-368-8892

About Us

The Berry Nutty Farm has revitalized the use of fruit spreads and fruit butters not only at the breakfast table, but from meat to sweets. Chefs, Bartenders and Baristas are on board with creating healthy and creative dishes and beverages that are deemed “impressive, tasty, and healthy foods”. 


Have you ever eaten a fruit spread that your embarrassed to say that you took one spoonful intending to put the jar down, but instead, hide the empty jar so no one would see that you devoured the entire jar? The Berry Nutty Farm creates such fruit spreads and fruit butters using their grandmothers’ traditional methods. Yet, the flavors are anything but traditional. 


As a small batch fruit spread and fruit butter company, The Berry Nutty Farm, has always focused on the nutritional aspects, complexity of flavor and simply the complete quality of our products. There was much thought encompassing the nutritional balance with the focus on maintaining lower sugars, while purposefully creating complex profiles for each product. 


You ask why does The Berry Nutty Farm call their product fruit spread instead of jelly or jam? A fruit spread has less sugar with the full berry while jelly and jams have a much higher amount of sugar and various degrees of fruit content down to 0% of fruit. 


Granola Jones came into the mix in 2013, and we embraced the culture from previous owner carrying the same delicious and exciting flavors onward. A big part of the culture we continued with Granola Jones is keeping the ingredients GLUTEN-FREE to continue with brand character. Most people when they think of granola they think of a gooey bar that is loaded with plenty of sugar. Instead of the unhealthy granola bars, Granola Jones has always focused on low salt, fats and sugars. 


When you dig your hand into a bag of Granola Jones, know that it is made with love. Being made with love, also means that we are thinking about your health and longer time wellbeing. Our granola is purposefully a loose granola, sweetened with prominently honey and a bit of brown sugar and the spices are the flavor dominant ingredient instead of sugar. Each batch is crafted thinking about the expanded flavors that you typically find on a shelf. 

When you grab a bag of Granola Jones granola you can be sure that it is GLUTEN FREE and that it going to pop with flavor. When do grab a bag of our granola isn’t just for a snack, it can be use as an ingredient for cooking and baking gourmet meals and deserts. 


Thank you for choosing The Berry Nutty Farm and Granola Jones. 

Product Description

All natural jam, apple butter and granola that is produced in small batches by hand in a commercial kitchen in Independence, MO. We strive to produce a full flavored product that tastes like it would come out of Grandma's kitchen.

Both The Berry Nutty Farm and Granola Jones strives to use ingredients directly from American farms even keeping a focus on American goods/businesses.




Missouri Grown is a program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.