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Omaira Rustemeyer
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About Us

Original and Unique South America Seasoning and Chocolate Mix with spices.
No MSG, No Chemicals or Artificial flavor added.

I have always tried to have a little bit of my country here with me in the U.S. I was always asking my family in Venezuela to send me my favorite seasoning and chocolate, and everyday it was getting more complicated for them to send it. So, one day I had an idea to create my own Latino seasoning and chocolate using a secret, family recipe. I've shared my own creation with my relatives and friends, and they like too. Now, I'd like to share a little taste of my country with you.

The seasonings are all purpose, you can use before or after cooking, good in meat, chicken, pork, turkey, vegetables, salads, hamburgers, fish, soup and more...

Following traditional Latino culture with the right blend of ingredients to create healthy seasonings and chocolate mix for you and your family.

Our Products

  • Barbecue Products & Sauces
  • Flavorings
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Other
  • Seasonings
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Product Description

Original Seasoning: Following traditional Latino culture with the right blend of ingredients to create this healthy seasoning.

Soup Seasoning: Make your own Latino Soup with this delicious and natural seasoning,surprise your family and friends with a South American flair.

Spicy Seasoning: If you like food with a little zing, you should try this spicy but tasty seasoning. Made with the right mix of spices, jalapeno and chili piquin.

Adobo Latino: Our traditional seasoning.

Exotic Chocolate: delicious chocolate drink with spices, hot or cold anytime anywhere, use in your coffee and make Mocha.

Choco-Green: Get the benefits of green tea, combined with chocolate and spices, hot or cold as shake or smoothie.

Choco-Mint: A combination of peppermint, chocolate and spices that you will enjoy.

Choco-Spicy Can't get enough hot or spicy? Try this. A good combination of chili, cayenne, chocolate and spices



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