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Carol Rodriguez
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About Us

Get Drizzled was established in 2012 by Carol Rodriguez. Wine Drizzle is an old world recipe from the late 1800's. It is produced in a Lafayette County certified kitchen and has been sold via craft fairs, the internet and retail locations. It is a Missouri made product utilizing Missouri raised fruits and veggies and wine when possible. Carol also produces custom wine drizzle for local wineries using Missouri wine.

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Product Description

Wine Drizzle is a wine reduction sauce that is taken to the next level by adding different fruits, veggies, spices and flavors. The proof is boiled out during the cooking process.
Fruit flavored Wine Drizzle is a great lower sugar alternative to traditional jams and jellies for traditional breakfast items like pancakes, waffles, biscuits etc.

They are also an excellent dessert topping for ice cream, cheesecake, pound cake etc. The savory wine drizzles make good salad dressings and are a wonderful cooking companion when creating a unique culinary dish.

Popular flavors include: White Wine and Garlic, Raspberry Chipolte, Jalapeno, Beer Drizzle, Carmel, Red Velvet (red wine and chocolate), Blackberry Merlot, Peach Cobbler, Springtime Pear, Bada Bing (bing cherry and concord wine), Purple Haze (lavender and concord wine), Banana Foster, Lemon and Key Lime.


Fairs are listing on the website and internet purchases are available.

Retail Locations:

Terre Beau Winery
Dover, MO

Restored Treasures
Concordia, MO

The Cheese Shop
Sweet Springs, MO

Limrick's Fine Things
Lexington, MO


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