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Bridgette Epple
123 Lafayette Street
Washington, MO 63090
County: Franklin
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About Us

Now and in the future, Downtown Washington will serve as a center of commerce in Franklin County, offering numerous opportunities for people to enjoy the character of an historic riverfront town. Downtown will be a warm and friendly place, one which attracts businesses, past and present residents, and visitors alike. Providing a vibrant atmosphere, downtown Washington will be able to serve both as a center for civic activities and as a destination for tourists.

Downtown will attract and retain a diverse mix of complementary retail and service businesses. The core of the city will be maintained downtown, taking advantage of the river location. Remaining a major viable economic force that contributes to a growing tax base, Downtown Washington will also retain its charm and rich heritage.

Historic buildings will be preserved with economically viable uses. Equipped with a design handbook previously commissioned as part of a comprehensive plan, a committee will remain in place to help keep the downtown clean and well-maintained, incorporating attractive window designs and green space.

Strong leadership supported by an enthusiastic base of volunteers will be the product of an alliance made up of united businesses, the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Washington, Inc., the City of Washington, and the broader community. This alliance will utilize a shared vision, a clear set of goals, and strong community financial support to drive the downtown revitalization program.

Our Mission: To promote an attractive and financially stable downtown while preserving our historic resources and enriching the community

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Downtown Washington Event Dates:

March 8- Post Office Stomp
March 8 - St. Patrick's Day Parade
April 11-12 - Main Street BBQ & Bluesfest
April 24 - Sunset on the Riverfront
May 16-18 - Fine Art Fair & Winefest
May 22 - Sunset on the Riverfront
June 21 - Clean-Up Day
June 26 - Sunset on the Riverfront
July 24 â€" Sunset on the Riverfront
August 28 â€" Sunset on the Riverfront
Sept. 25 â€" Sunset on the Riverfront
Sept. 26 â€" Chili Cook-Off
Sept. 27-28 â€" Fall Festival of the Arts & Crafts
October 16 â€" Murder Mystery Dinner
October 21 â€" United Way Soup Day
October 25 â€" Pumpkin Palooza


Downtown Washington, Inc.
PO Box 144
Washington, MO 63090


Downtown Washington Post Office
123 Lafayette Street
Washington, MO 63090


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