The Worm Farm


Gary Yadon
18149 Hwy D
Green Castle, MO 63544
County: Sullivan
Business: 318-349-2559

About Us

In July 2012 my brother and I was looking for something to add value to our family farm. After a lot of research we started The Worm Farm. Our primary goal is to produce Organic Worm Castings. Worm Csting contain water-soluble nutrients and bacteria, vermicompost is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. We choose a system that is not composting to raise our worms in and there fore we produce and sell pure worm castings. We use peat from the peat bogs of WI and IL. We mix this with a mixture of grains then harvest the castings for fertilizer. Unlike other compost, worm casting also contain WORM MUCUS which helps prevent nutrients from washing away with the first watering and holds moisture better than plain soil. We also harvest the worm eggs to hatch and grow our business. As we continue to grow we hope to be able to sell worm eggs for gardners and worms for fish bait. We are presently bagging one pound (trail size), 4.5 pound,15 pound and 30 pound bags for delivery. We also sell larger bulk containers.

Our Products

  • Aquaculture
  • Bait
  • Compost
  • Greenhouse
  • Horticulture

Product Description

Worm Castings have been known as the best item possible to make all plants grow better. Extensive university testing has been performed, these testhave shown improved flower size, bloom quantity, quality, and color. Fruit and vegetable tests have resulted in yield improvements from 15% to 67% as well as improvements in taste and appearance. The skull and cross bones found on agriculture chemicals is absent on worm castings because they are non-toxic. A common cry is for solutions that are not chemical based so we don't risk potential health problems. Worm Castings are the only animal waste that does NOT have a manure odor. Worm Casting have the fragrance of rich healthy soil. Four major university research projects and testing has shown that the complete soil food biology found in worm casting will quickly control fungus problems. Within a few weeks plants suffering from fungus problems will show significant improvements that lasts. Testing has shown that several microorganisms found in worm castings stimulate the organisms in plants that work as repellants for a large array of insects. The repellants increase to a level that the insects find the plant nectar distastful. The Insects the leave.This has been shown to work for aphids, white fly, and other bugs that feed on plant juices. Ants can detect the natural repellency when they walk over worm castings. They find the worm casting highly objectionable. Unlike chemical fertilizers that can burn tender roots, Worm Castings is organic fertilizer that is safe to use at any concentration. Organic fertilizer provides strong beneficial control over plant pathogens and harmful root-eating nematodes, giving you an excellent insect and disease repellent.


You can find our Wiggle Worm Soil Builder at the Kirksville Farmers Market ever Saturday during the season. You may contact Gary Yadon at 318-349-2559 or Lisa and Rob Athon at 660-216-6882 to arange a shipment or an appointment to visit our growing operation in Green Castle, MO.


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