Cedar Hill Farms


Bill Stouffer
31229 Mount Olive Rd.
Napton, MO 65340
County: Saline
Business: 660-287-4510
Email: bill@cedarhillfarms.com
Website: www.cedarhillfarms.com

About Us

Upon retiring from our row crop operation in 2009 we set aside 22 acres and began our present small business of a Chinese chestnut orchard and elderberry plantings. During the transition to chestnut and elderberries, we also grew 10 acres of pumpkins for wholesale distribution, this venture has been suspended due to overlapping harvest schedules.

Our first chestnut planting consisted of 250 trees in 2009. Each year since, we have added trees and currently have a total of 1,500 trees.

The first elderberries were planted in 2014 and consisted of 1 acre. We added plants each year and now have 5 acres of elderberries.

Currently we are constructing a processing room for both chestnuts and elderberries. this will be used for sorting, cleaning, destemming, and packaging of both commodities. We ship nationwide, except for the states of California, Oregon, and Washington and do not do any international shipping.

We are members of 'The Chestnut Growers of America'.

Our Products

  • Chestnuts
  • Elderberries

Product Description

Products for sale are:

Fresh Chinese Chestnuts

Chinese Chestnut scion wood: available varieties include-- Qing, Peach, Khor, Gideon, Eaton, Benton Harbor, and Sleeping Giant.

Elderberry cuttings and plants: varieties available include-- Adams, Bob Gordon, Wyldewood, and Ranch.

Fresh and Frozen Elderberries

We accept most credit cards and ship nationwide except to the states of California, Oregon, and Washington and do not ship internationally.


Please check out our website for more information at http://www.cedarhillfarms.com.


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