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Marcus Troup
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About Us

Troup Land & Livestock started in 2010 when we became involved with sustainable agriculture and rotational grazing of our cattle. We wanted to farm better and get more out of our land than conventional farming would allow. Setting out to build a business that could offer superior food we refined our intensive grazing practices and added pork, poultry, eggs and lamb to our farming dynamic.

From birth our animals are raised on pasture making them a true grass fed & finished meat, a label that offers nutrition on your table. Our livestock never receive medications, hormones, or growth stimulants and the meat is naturally non-GMO as we never feed or supplement with grain. Like our livestock, our farm never receives pesticides or herbicides applied to it. We strive to maintain a organic based sustainable practice with our farm.

We fully stand behind our products as they represent years of hard work and education that built the knowledge to produce them.

So with all that being said, why should what's good for you be expensive? We strive to provide the highest quality meats at an affordable price. By purchasing meat by portions of an animal versus individual cuts you save a tremendous amount of money over multiple trips to the store or market. If you are not yet sure you are up to purchasing the preset amounts we have listed on our pricing page then try our individual packaged meats.

Come visit the farm. We are located just 25 minutes north of Springfield, Missouri nestled in the beautiful Ozarks. We always enjoy showing people around the farm and letting you see exactly where and how your food is raised. We guarantee you will be back.

Our Products

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Product Description

At TLL we raise 100% grass fed beef with that very notion in mind. Our animals maintain a diet of mixed grasses that are native to southwest Missouri. We use a high quality mineral that the animals have access to year round and they never receive antibiotics or chemical dewormer. We use Organic methods that are just as safe for you to ingest as they are for the cattle.

Our beef is overall healthy, lean in fat and high in Omega 3 fatty acids. We wouldn't want you, as our customer, to eat anything that we ourselves would not eat.

The lamb is 100% grass fed and finished which provides for an amazing cut of very lean and healthy meat. We sell lamb by reservation only. As with all of the meat products the lamb holds true to our Organic methods. No animal is ever given antibiotics, growth enhancers, or chemical wormers.

The poultry & eggs are raised all natural on pasture until processed or gathered. All birds including layers are fed on a diet of grasses and Non-GMO, Non-medicated, Organically sourced, (Optional Soy-free grain for meat birds)

Our pork is raised in the same manner that we raise all other livestock on our farm free of chemicals & antibiotics. Pigs are grown on a diet of Non-GMO grains and grasses.

We are enjoying the sight and sounds of pigs on our farm and it really has added to the dynamic of our all natural model. Our pigs are free to be 'pigs'.

We do not keep them in concrete & wire cells forced to live their lives out in unnatural conditions. We allow the pigs out onto pasture when temperatures and weather permits to take full advantage of the delicious grasses and the healthy benefits of sunshine. They are allowed to dig & root in the dirt all they want. After all is that not what a pig does? We are raising a heirloom Hampshire breed. These older heirloom breeds do really well in the outdoors.


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