Andy's Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que LLC


Andrew Comstock
1800 South Bus. 54 Hwy
Eldon, MO 65026
County: Miller
business: 573-375-1313
toll-free: 573-375-3439

About Us

History of Andy’s Hickory Pit

In 1991 we had a large hog farm. We started experimenting with barbecue, doing benefits for schools, nursing homes, families and friends. Everyone told us we should go into business. At that time we still had the hog farm and were continuing to develop our sauces and rubs, and passionate about barbecue.

In 2001 we sold the farm to pursue our barbecue business. We built a large smoker and began doing fairs, festivals and catering. In 2005 we designed and built a large moble hickory pit unit and opened Andy’s Hickory Pit Barbecue. We sold barbeque around the lake area and central Mo. Business was good and we quickly out grew the moble unit.

In 2007 we opened Andy’s Hickory Restaurant in Eldon, Mo., our home town. While in the restaurant our product line and sales continued to expand. In 2009 we sold the building, (due to the economy) and went back to the mobile unit, which we still operate at 1800 bus hwy 54 in Eldon, Mo.

Through the last 20 years we have developed some unique sauces and rubs we think you’ll love. Coming soon, you will be able to purchase sauces and rubs at and several local markets.

Product Description

Andy’s offers several sauces and rubs .

Barbecue sauces include Sweet and Spicy, Carolina Red, Mustard Sauce, Hot Barbecue Sauce, and Andy’s Special Black Sauce. We also offer a hot wing sauce with a Caribbean twist, and a teriyaki sauce with a little heat, but not too much.

Sweet and Spicy is just as it says. Carolina Red is a vinegar base. The Mustard Sauce of course, is a different base and you can use it on just about every meat you can think of. Our Hot Barbecue Sauce is hot and spicy and full of flavor. Andy’s Special Black Sauce is like nothing you ever had, thick, rich and dark.

We offer a barbecue rub that you can use on any meat you smoke. This rub has a very unique flavor that you’ll love. Then we have a rub that we use on steak and our smoked prime rib. This is a coarse rub that you can use on other meats as well.


Please call 573-375-0232 for more information.


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