Float Trip Pickles, LLC


Greg W. Pearman
4730 S. National Ave., Ste. A1
Springfield, MO 65810
County: Greene
business: 417-823-3074
fax: 417-877-0016
Email: gpearman@mvplaw.com
Website: http://www.floattrippickles.com

About Us

Float Trip Pickles, LLC was officially started in March 2011 but the idea behind Float Trip Pickles, LLC began in 1992 when Jerry and his brother took their father, Jerry Sr., on his first float trip. The float trip became an annual ritual for 'Senior' and five others, which included Senior insisting on a red canoe, frosty beverages, good food and a gallon of 'float trip pickles'. The sweet and spicy 'float trip pickles' combine the crunch of a dill slice, the savory taste of Grandma's homemade sweet pickles, and the sassy heat of jalapenos. 'Float trip pickles' are now regularly enjoyed by friends and family at home, picnics, tailgating parties, BBQ events, and float trips, of course.

Our fans tell us the love 'Float Trip Pickles' with burgers, brats, BBQ, sandwiches, salads, nachos and more. Try them also in a Martini or Bloody Mary.

Our Products

  • Pickles
  • Relishes

Product Description

Float Trip Pickles, LLC produces Sweet and Spicy Pickles and Jalapenos, Sweet and Spicy Pickle and Jalapeno Relish and Sweet and Spicy jalapenos for retail and wholesale.


Retail sales will bet at our facility located at 4730 S. National Ave., Ste. A1, Springfield, MO 65810. See our website at www.floattrippickles.com or call us at 417-823-3074. Wholesale locations will be added in the future.


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