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Danny Naples
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About Us

Soy Cottage LLC is a family based company focused on providing quality products utilizing natural ingredients so as to maintain environmental friendliness. Having grown up on a beef cattle farm, we know the meaning of working hard for life's aspirations.

With our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for our product, we at Soy Cottage LLC are intent on catering to the men and women who work with their hands. We make and hand pour soy lotion that makes your hands feel soft, not greasy. As well, we realize that many today are sensitive to fragrances, and have therefore developed a fragrance free product line along with our other (2) product lines for men and women.

Soy Cottage LLC is newly formed in 2009 and determined to provide the public with quality products for years to come.

Our Products

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  • Lotion

Product Description

Soy protein adds nutrients to your skin without harmful chemicals or by-products. The special protein in our soy lotion contains more 17 types of free amino acids, which help build, maintain and repair the body.

Amino acids have been found to assist with cell regeneration and minimizing wrinkles. The combination of soy oil, soy protein and shea butter also forms a natural, breathable barrier on the skin to protect it from pollutants and water dehydration. We make and hand pour soy lotion that makes your hands feel soft, not greasy. We have three (3) product lines: Men's, Women's and Fragrance Free.


Our products are available online at

We are in the process of negotiating various retail outlets for Soy Cottage Hand & Body Lotion. They will be announced in the future.


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