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Shanna Starnes
8932 Jackson School Road
Bloomsdale, MO 63627
County: Ste. Genevieve
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About Us

Baetje Farms is a pure farmstead artisan goat cheese company. We hold ourselves to very high standards and believe the best cheese comes from the best milk that comes from animals in the best physical condition.  

Baetje Farms, pronounced "Bay-G", becan when co-founders Steve and Veronica Baetje bought their first goat just over 20 years ago.  As a hobby, they sought out the best way to make French inspired "Pure Artisan Farmstead" goat cheeses.  Shortly after, they shared 88 heart shaped pieces of chevre with the public for the first time at the St. Louis Wine Festival.  When the live was wrapped around the building with people wanting to try the cheese, they knew they were onto something.  Since then, Baetje Farms has won over 70 national and international awards for their cheese and is distributed thorughout the United States.

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Product Description

Baetje Farms produces artesian farmstead cheeses - meaning that we handcraft the cheeses from the milk of our own animals on our farm. We produce several varieties of aged, as well as fresh goats milk cheeses in the French style.

Our cheese making facility is built to produce small quantities of cheese coupled with state-of-the-art aging facilities that produce exact temperature and humidity conditions.  We use very fresh rennet and cultures that are imported from France and Denmark.  The first cheese plant was added onto the barn in 2006 and a second addition in 2011 to meet demand!

The types of cheese we make are as follows:
Coeur du Clos
Beer Washed Vallee
Coeur de la Creme Plain
Coeur de la Creme Herb de Provence
Coeur de la Creme Three Pepper
Coeur de la Creme Cranberry Orange
Coeur de la Creme Pumpkin Walnut
Coeur de la Creme Dark Chocolate
Coeur de la Creme Garlic & Chives


Refer to our website for current retail locations across the U.S. at

Our Missouri retail locations include:
Whole Foods, Town and Country, MO
Whole Foods Central West End, St. Louis, MO
Whole Foods Galleria, St. Louis, MO
Whole Foods, Kansas City, MO
The Better Cheddar, Kansas City, MO
City Greens Market, St. Louis, MO
Schnucks, St. Louis, MO
Schnucks, Clayton, MO
Schnucks, Maplewood, MO
Schnucks, St. Charles, MO
Schnucks, Cape Girardeau, MO
Country Mart, Ste. Genevieve, MO
Local Harvest Grocery, St. Louis, MO
The Kozy, Bloomsdale, MO
Parker's Table, St. Louis, MO
Patterson Family Farms and Wholesale, St. Louis, MO
Stonies, Perryville, MO
Southbound Fuel Phillips 66, Ste. Genevieve, MO


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