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Steve or Veronica Baetje
8932 Jackson School Road
Bloomsdale, MO 63627
County: Ste. Genevieve
Business: 573-483-9021
Toll-free: 573-483-2875

About Us

Baetje Farms is a pure farmstead artisan goat cheese company. This means that we are hand crafting our own goat cheese using milk solely from our own herd of registered Saanen dairy goats. We believe that the best cheese comes from the highest quality milk and that the highest quality milk comes from animals that are in the best physical condition possible. We feed our animals an all natural diet; whole grain ration free from antibiotics and hormones, alfalfa hay, pasture and organic minerals. They also receive supplemental kelp and herbal teas. Their water supply is unlimited filtered spring water, from a spring right here on the farm. Come and taste the difference in our French style cheese and see what good cheese from happy goats tastes like.

Winners of over 50 national and international awards including being in the top 16 cheeses of the world at the 2011 World Cheese Awards in U.K. Where more than 2,700 cheeses from 35 countries competed.

Our Bloomsdale placed a Super Gold, and was included in the final 16 to determine which would be the "Best of the World".

We are committed to quality from start to finish. True artisan cheese and a true "taste of place". Producing French and European style cheeses with goat and sheep milk.

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Product Description

Baetje Farms produces artesian farmstead cheeses - meaning that we handcraft the cheeses from the milk of our own animals on our farm. We produce several varieties of Aged, as well as Fresh goats milk cheeses in the French style.

Coeur de la Crème - Coeur de la Crème: this heart shaped fresh cheese is handcrafted and seasoned with a variety of fresh dried organic herbs. We offer garlic and chive, dill, 3 pepper, herbs de Provence, and cranberry orange. These sell for $8.00 each for 6 oz portion. Our garlic and chive won 1st place in the 2008 American Dairy Goat Association National Contest.

Fleur de la Valles - this is a hard washed rind cheese. "Hard" meaning this cheese has been pressed and aged. It has a washed rind and is made with raw milk. We age this cheese anywhere from 3-8 months. It is in very limited quantity.

Sainte Genevieve: Our Reserve Best of Show 2008 award winner in the 2008 American Dairy Goat Association National Contest! This cheese is inspired by the French cheese Chaource which has been made in France since the 14th century. Our customers tell us it is like butter but better. It is a mold ripened cheese and has a beautiful fragile yellow rind, firm smooth paste with a delicious liquid just under the rind that reminds one of fresh buttermilk.

Bloomsdale: This cheese won 2nd place in the 2008 American Dairy Goat Association National Contest. Inspired by Valencay. Originally this cheese was shaped like a perfect pyramid. However, upon Napoleon's return from his disastrous campaign in Egypt, he stopped at the castle of Valencay and seeing the cheese that so reminded him of the Egyptian pyramids, in a rage he drew his sword and chopped off the top. The cheese has been made with a flattened top ever since. We chose the name "Bloomsdale" because its shape reminds us of the hills surrounding us where our farm resides. It is a mold ripened cheese and is rolled in a mixture of ash and salt. As this cheese ages it becomes progressively softer to the point of runniness. The cheese at that point takes on some blue cheese flavor compounds. Some of our customers prefer it that way and use it as a savory sauce for grilled steak.


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