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Cindy Baer
Boonville, MO 65233
County: Cooper
Business: 660-537-2844
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About Us

In 1999, we started researching alternatives to mass-produced commercial skin care products that contain harsh chemicals, synthetic agents, dyes and fragrances. We found that by using our own raw beeswax, honey and propolis from the beehives of Baer's Century Farm with the finest certified organic botanical butters and food grade vegetable oils, pure healing essential oils, vitamin E & rosemary extracts, infused with our own organically grown herbs and wildflowers; we could create all-natural skin care specialties that cleanse, moisturize, heal, protect and renew your skin.

All of our products are handcrafted in our studio workshop in Boonville, Missouri in small batches to assure the finest and freshest quality.

No chemical additives, No chemical preservatives, No synthetic fragrances, No sulfates, No animal fats, No petroleum products, No artificial colors, No foaming boosters. We do not use animals for testing.

Try our AromaTherapeutic or NonScents Body and Bath specialties. We have come this far because of your delight in our creations. Family owned and operated since 1999.

~ Great Feel ~ Great Therapy ~ Great Scents ~

Our Products

  • ...And Everything Else!
  • Bath, Body & Home
  • Candles
  • Lip Balm
  • Lotion
  • Moisturizer
  • Pet Care & Food
  • Soap

Product Description

~ Baer's Pure Scents ~ Body, Bath & Shower Therapy with Pure Essential Oils ~ AromaTherapeutic.

~ Baer's Pure NonScents ~ Body, Bath & Shower Therapy with a very subtle natural honey scent that will not compete with your favorite cologne.

Body & Bath Specialties to sooth your senses ~ heal and protect your skin.

All Natural and Biodegradable Plant-based Ingredients with Baer's own Raw Beeswax & Honey.

We have created the finest combinations of all-natural organic ingredients including organic butters and oils, healing essential oils and our own raw beeswax and honey and organically grown herbs. We use only plant-based ingredients that come from plentiful renewable sources.

Our products include pure vegetable bar soaps, raw honey and raw sugar body buffer; soothing bath, body & massage oils; healing salve, beeswax lip balms, all-over moisturizing better body butters and organic raw honey gel soaps.

Aromatherapy beeswax and soy blend candles with pure essential oils.


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